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A network of advocates, orgs, foundations, victims & survivors of abuse and/or family/relationship violence, bullying, trafficking and more to share your special events, articles, blogs, introduce your books, or recovery/empowerment programs to help victims and survivors.


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Each year we feature special honorees who are doing very special things in very special ways. This allows us to share what they’re doing with other so there can be more networking and collaborating on these efforts as the efforts progress. Highlighting the work of these people will help o inspire, motivate and support their efforts. Please be sure to support and encourage them as well.

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July 2nd 2013 - A message about the 2013 National Non-Profits & Advocates Apprecilove Week "NNPAAW" Tribute from Mr. Brett A. Scudder, chairman/founder

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SISFI hosts the 4th Annual National Non-Profits and Advocates Apprecilove Week “NNPAAW” Tribute on August 3rd-9th. The tribute touches the lives of over 1 million people globally.

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The 2014 tribute is sponsored by SISFI in association with the NY Human Suffering and Wellness Coalition “NYHSWC”, the National Non-Profits and Advocates Legislative Association Caucus “NNPALAC” and the International Community Media Network Project "ICMNP". The logistics and planning is in effect and details will be posted periodically. Keep checking back with us and send in your nominations to

July 10th 2013 - SISFI hosts the 3rd Annual National Non-Profits & Advocates Apprecilove Week "NNPAAW" Tribute Official Launch Awards Ceremony and Fundraiser at Hudson Terrace in Manhattan on Aug. 4th 2013

Our Sponsors and Partners of the 2014 Tribute

Thank you for your support and contributions towards making this year’s tribute and happenings possible. We look forward to working with you again as we continue aiming for higher heights in showing Love, support, encouragement and inspiration to people across the country for who they are and what they do for the greater good. God bless. One Love.